Sweet Haven is a Sweet Addition to Westhaven, Franklin

If you know me, you know ice cream is my favorite food on earth. I’m instantly drawn to the ice cream aisle as soon as I walk in the grocery store. I dream about ice cream. I know all the ice cream shops in town.

Or so I thought.

Sweet Haven Sweets and Treats is the newest ice cream shop in town, and it just happens to be down the street from my home. Located in Westhaven neighborhood in Franklin, Tennessee, off New Highway 96 , Sweet Haven opened on July 2– without even telling me! The secrecy lasted only a few weeks before I found them, and oh, my. I have told everyone I know about this delightful place.

Look for the bicycle and you’ve found Sweet Haven!

I love using treats as incentives, so I told my girls if they helped me around the house with some projects, we’d try out the new ice cream shop.

The store is located at 1015 Westhaven Boulevard in Franklin. Look for the bicycle out front, and you can find street parking or park in the lot behind the shop.

The Real Deal Dole Whip

The first thing that caught my attention was Sweet Haven’s soft serve because they claimed to serve Dole Whip. That word is sacred in our family because we love Disney World and my favorite treat in the Magic Kingdom is a Dole Whip float, which I order just moments before entering The Enchanted Tiki Room. I’ve had many a Dole Whip in my life, and I’ve tried lots of imitations over the years that don’t come close to the original recipe. I’m happy to say that Sweethaven’s Dole Whip tastes exactly like Aloha Isle in Adventureland. They even do the Dole Whip Float!

Sweet Haven’s Dole Whip tastes just like the original in Magic Kingdom.
Dole Whip swirled with vanilla soft serve at Aloha Isle in Magic Kindom.

They also have other yummy flavors like Valencia Orange Sorbet which can be twisted with Home Churn Vanilla to make a Creamsicle, and Strawberry Sensation and Dreamy Dark Chocolate make a rich Chocolate Dipped Strawberry.

Valencia Orange and Home Churn Vanilla swirl with chocolate chips.

Hand-Scooped Deliciousness

Sweethaven also has hand-scooped, hard ice cream with delectable flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Salted Caramel Cashew and my personal favorite, Tennessee Sunset (cherry, blue moon and vanilla ice cream).

Tennessee Sunset ice cream.

As if that wasn’t enough, the darling staff then asks you if you want SPRINKLES! And these aren’t just your nonpareil sprinkles from Kroger. These are color-popping, fun-shaped, huge sprinkles with THEMES.


Mouse Ears sprinkles and Captain America sprinkles.
So many colors and varieties of sprinkles to try!
Sprinkles themed after Disney’s Frozen 2.

For a Disney lover, I was in heaven. How cute are these sprinkles?

If ice cream isn’t your thing, you can also get popsicles and cookies.

Popsicle cookies, made fresh by Sugar Drop Bakery in Brentwood.
Ice cream cone cookies! The royal icing is perfect on these.

But really, how is ice cream not your thing?


Visit Sweet Haven–My Treat!

So make your way over to Sweet Haven for a cup (or cone) of pure joy. Better yet, let’s do a giveaway. You need to do 3 things:

  1. “Like” The Passport and Pen on Facebook.
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  3. Comment below with what Sweet Haven treat you’d like to try. On Monday evening, August 24, I’ll choose a name at random and if you’re local, I’ll buy you your first treat at Sweethaven. If you’re not, I’ll figure out another sweet treat to send you!

17 Thoughts to “Sweet Haven is a Sweet Addition to Westhaven, Franklin”

  1. Sara Werner

    I could go for a dole whip or that chocolate strawberry swirl!

  2. Catherine Brown

    Dole Whip – never had it!

    1. rachelmorrell

      You can’t go wrong! Both are great!

    2. rachelmorrell

      Catherine, you have to try it! It’s like sunshine in a bowl! So refreshing. And it’s especially good swirled with coconut soft serve. Yum!

  3. Jessica Francis

    I’ll take an orange cream frozen yogurt with some mouse ears sprinkles, please!

  4. Sela Vaughn

    I’m so glad I’m local and can check out this cute new ice cream shop. Thanks for giving us the inside “scoop”! 😉

    1. rachelmorrell

      You’re so welcome!

  5. Amie

    Peanut butter chocolate ice team! My favorite!!

    1. rachelmorrell

      You have to try it, Amie! It is really good!

  6. Morgan C

    Dole whip float all the way!

    1. rachelmorrell

      It’s so good! I want one right now!

  7. Summer Dickinson

    The theme sprinkles!

    1. rachelmorrell

      Aren’t they cute? Now, Sweet Haven has sports-themed sprinkles for college and NFL football, and local high schools. So fun!

      1. rachelmorrell

        Summer, YOU ARE THE WINNER of my random drawing! Congratulations!

        1. Summer Dickinson

          Yeah! Soooo exciting!!! I’ll email you back!

  8. Jackie Ng

    Dole whip!

    1. rachelmorrell

      Always a good choice!

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