10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Booking trips online seems like an easy choice, but you can spend days trying to find the best travel itinerary. It can be very confusing, and you never know if you are getting good value for your investment. Instead of spending hours online and getting overwhelmed with details, have a 20-minute conversation with me! I will put together the best trip for your interests and budget.

Here are ten reasons to use a trusted travel advisor to plan your next vacation:


I have been a travel advisor for over a decade and have helped hundreds of clients. Are you traveling to Europe for the first time? Instead of making decisions based on anonymous comments on a website, speak to me, someone who has been to Europe multiple times and travels for a living. I earned my Certified Travel Counselor designation through hours of coursework, travel experience, rigorous testing and extensive research. Few travel advisors have earned this distinction, and this certification sets me apart. Experience and knowledge matter.



You and I will work together to plan a customized trip that meets your vacation goals. Then, using your specified criteria, I will create an experience unique to your desires and needs.

3.More for your money

When booking an expensive trip, you want to see everything and experience the best a city has to offer. I help you get more value for your travel dollars, and I make sure you don’t miss that fantastic restaurant down the street or the special event going on in that small village.  Use my expertise to maximize your experience.


4. Setting an Itinerary

Do you like a clear schedule of what will be happening on a day-to-day basis, or do you prefer exploring towns on your own? While some people enjoy “just winging it,” others prefer a detailed itinerary with pre-planned activities and meals. So let’s have a conversation and decide what style suits you best.



I will help map out exactly how much your trip will cost to stay within your budget. Does that excursion on Monday include lunch, or do you have to buy your own? Are the drink packages on cruise ships a good value? Is it best to pre-book tours and activities or decide as you go?  An experienced travel agent like myself can save you from the guesswork of these questions.


COVID has taught us to expect the unexpected. Don’t put your long-awaited vacation at risk by not adding travel insurance. I will advise you on the best policy that offers the right coverage for your travel party. From trip cancellation to medical emergencies, my trusted travel insurance partners provide comprehensive plans that will protect your investment.


As a member of the prestigious Signature Travel Network, I have special access to hotels, airlines, land tours, and cruises, especially in undiscovered places. In some cases, I can offer you exceptional amenities and VIP perks simply because of my connections. I have spent years networking and earning certifications with tourism boards, Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Disney, Destinations, and cruise lines. Let me use my network to enhance your experience.


Let’s face it. We all want to be a little bit different and feel special. I know what destinations are trending and which resorts just opened in the last month. If you are looking for something outside the ordinary, you’ve come to the right place.

9.Time savings

You are an expert at your profession, but you’re not a travel expert. I’m well-versed in all aspects of the touring sector. You can spend countless hours sifting through websites, itineraries, travel companies and hotel websites—or you can leave your vacation needs to me and spend your limited free time with those you love. I will efficiently curate a customized vacation that you’ll never forget.



I have spent years developing long-term relationships, and travel companies understand how important repeat business is with travel agents. If you run into challenges during your vacation, it always pays to have a travel advisor on your side. Travelocity and Orbitz can’t help you as I can. Travel agents have leverage with most hotel companies and resorts, and you’re better off with me than booking on your own.

If you have never worked with a travel agent, you miss out on the best possible vacation experience. Travel advisors can save you time, eliminate hassle, and increase the value of your investment. So let’s work together to remove the angst and guesswork out of your vacation planning so you can have the confidence to enjoy the trip of your dreams.


I look forward to talking with you,

Rachel Morrell, Certified Travel Counselor (CTC)