Why Should I Use a Travel Agent?

Almost daily, we hear people ask, “Why should I use a travel agent? I can book the same vacation online.” Yes, you can book almost anything online these days, but who will you call when you need support? Let us help you be the hero of your vacation.

Here are just a few reasons you should use a travel professional to book your travel:

You can google any topic, but you can’t google real-life experience. We have been to the destinations and resorts you want to visit, so we can provide you with anything from restaurant recommendations to hotel renovation updates. You will look like you are in-the-know because we will share our expertise with you.

Online booking engines promise low prices, but do you ever notice that the price increases as you proceed through the booking process? We’ll provide you with clear, understandable vacation quotes so you understand what you’re receiving for your investment.

Don’t leave your vacation to chance. Do you have a long enough layover to make it to your connecting flight? Did you book transfers from the airport to the hotel? When is the last time you looked at the expiration date of your passport? Do you need to exchange money or does your destination accept American dollars? Do you have the appropriate visa to enter the country you are visiting? Leave the planning to us. We’re pretty good at details, and you can take the credit when things go right. We’re ok with that.

When you choose a travel advisor, you will be working with one person throughout the entire process. Your advisor will answer your phone calls and return your emails. You can even reach out to your travel agent when you are on vacation if anything goes wrong. That is why we’re here! We’ll even follow up with you after the trip to welcome you home. We’re pretty sure online booking agencies won’t do that for you.

Inside Information
Because we visit multiple destinations each year, we can provide you with special tips and helpful hints to make your trip go smoothly and be as enjoyable as possible. We can create customized itineraries, make room requests and make suggestions for excursions, shopping and activities. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Concierge Services
Would you like us to arrange a romantic dinner on the beach? A private event with Disney characters? A personal tour of a winery with the owner? Limousine service to the airport? We love planning special events that create lifelong memories.

There’s nothing better than a vacation that is memorable for the right reasons! Use a travel advisor for all your trips and you’ll look like the expert.