To My Kids, as They Return to School

I wear a lot of hats in this crazy life I lead. If you have read my blog, you know a little bit about how I spend my day. I am a travel consultant and a writer. I have blogged about health issues, Caribbean travel, and going to theme parks during COVID, but I haven’t written about the biggest part of my life:

being a wife and mom.

Last week, my four precious kids went back to school after five months of being home. There were moments when we all got stir-crazy and a little sick of each other, but we managed really well. So much happened in the last five months. I learned Mark could work from home and, with just moving a few pieces of furniture, we could easily fit a makeshift desk and two computer monitors in our bedroom. I also found the five of us could remain mostly quiet enough for him to take his conference calls from his “home office.”

With no rehearsals, appointments or social invitations, we had time for board games, family movies, s’mores at the fire pit, family hikes, trips to parks and lots of meals together. It was pretty sweet. We definitely enjoyed sleeping in more than we ever had before, and I felt like a new person because I was always so rested. And I never had to see this:

COVID house arrest was not all that bad.

I know my kids were ready to go to school last Monday, but I’m not so sure I was.

The house is silent.

And I miss them.

The first day back to school felt like the first day of kindergarten. It was hard to let them go as one got on the bus and the other three of them drove off in a car.


So I wrote in my journal as they began school this week, and this is an excerpt:,

My sweet kids, I pray our love has primed you to go into your life outside these walls and give, receive and grow. You have so much good inside of you ready to burst open and wow the world. May you feel deep purpose and great satisfaction in your tasks, hobbies and sports, knowing your skills are an expression of creativity and YOU-ness that comes from the core of your being. What a miracle to see a bit of myself in each of you and see you develop into your fullest potential. I am so privileged to be a mother—your mom. It’s more than I ever hoped for.

Thank you, family, for being my tribe, my cheerleaders, my loves, and my friends. Isn’t life such an adventure? And to think we get to experience so many events, emotions, excitements and disappointments in the comfort of acceptance under the roof of our home and in the bonds of family, it is beautiful to me.

May the God who created you keep the good work going and point you in the direction of your destiny, with all the mountains, valleys, bumps and detours. It’s all part of the journey. I’m so glad I get to be a part of it.